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I don’t have enough space to explain my excitement waiting for the 2017 season to begin, so instead, I will share with you some of the many adventures I have planned! My goal for 2017 is to expand my love of adventure, excitement, and freedom to other disciplines besides racing on the track. Let’s get something straight, I. LOVE. RACING. and I am not going to stop. However, most of us who love motorcycle racing enjoy many other activities that could be similar, but maybe we don’t know enough to try.

It’s hard to try new things because there’s so much you don’t know, but I used to love to be able to ask my friends that had tried it first. They got me excited about doing it and I hope to do the same for you! I am going to try some activities that include Dual-Sport riding, Adventure street riding, road bicycling racing, mountain bike racing, stunt riding, and so much more!  You will be able to follow all my adventures through social media, this blog, and also many videos to come!!!

Now this all sounds like a lot of fun, but for me is presents a whole new set of challenges that I am not used to. For me the biggest challenge involves being behind the computer. Sure I can use a cell phone and do the basics on a computer, but I have never been a big “techie” nor spent a lot of time behind a keyboard. Research has been key to planning a lot of my events, but in order for me to share my experience best, video editing, photography and blogging will be crucial.  I am up to the challenge, with the help of so many, I am moving forward!

So let’s have these adventures together! I begin the year with the Daytona 200, WOOHOO!!! 200 miles, 57 laps, 2 pit stops, and 1 checkered flag! A race that truly challenges the racers mental and physical endurance. I have been training hard and look forward to being on the grid!!!

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