Driven By Passion

Patricia had always dreamt of riding a motorcycle. The reality was, Patricia’s parents was against it. Although it wasn’t the best way to do it, she couldn’t let go of the dream and she moved out of the house, bought a bike, and taught herself how to ride. Working hard and mentored by many people along the way, she continued her pursuit, practicing and learning and eventually made it to her first track day in 2010.

Patricia continued to participate in numerous track days taking advice from anyone that would help her. Every weekend, she would load her bike on the back of her pickup truck and event slept in her single cab just to be able to afford to ride.  As soon as she got her race license, she began competing in club races.

” I remember my first club race, I was so scared I cried, but I was determined to do it.”

After participating in her first full amateur race season in 2011 and winning numerous championships, she continued to an expert level where she continued to win.

Since participating in her first pro race in September 2013, Patricia has been competing full-time on a professional level in America. She is one of only three female racers in history to successfully qualify, compete, and accumulate points throughout a full season. She has also competed on a Superbike at Phillip Island, MotoGP. In 2017, she raced in Northern Ireland at the Ulster GP, becoming the World’s Fastest Woman on a Circuit Track.

“I was addicted from my first lap!”
“I never thought I’d become a pro racer, I didn’t fit the ‘mold’ of how they were created. I was just riding and competing because I loved it so much. My friends were the ones encouraging me to keep taking the next step, I thought they were crazy… thank goodness for crazy friends!”